Rack-Ritual-Sorcerie Jacket
Rack-Ritual-Sorcerie JacketRack-Ritual-Sorcerie JacketRack-Ritual-Sorcerie JacketRack-Ritual-Sorcerie Jacket


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The hard edge of a warrior's blade tempered with the softness of a forest nymph cloaked in darkness: perfect alchemy. She is Aradia, the witches goddess, sent to liberate the masses from the tyranny of the roman catholic church through the teachings of the witch. With real corset boning, an over-zippered womb-like hood and a leather bustle, the Ritual Corset Jacket offers a mythical hourglass silhouette of a long ago or future world. Zippers up the front and the back of the hood allow you to zip (or be zipped) into complete hidden blackness or reveal yourself fully as the hood becomes a winged collar when unzipped down the back.