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This is a finely handcrafted leather bag ideal for carrying a concealed firearm and/or everyday accessories. Keep your most important possessions ready at your fingertips.
This bag is made by Ayyawear, and will last an eternity, if cared for properly.

Featuring not two, but three! zipper pockets, this handy sash also includes a (hidden) stash pocket within the top pocket, secured by concealing Velcro (great for your ID).

3 Highly adjustable straps are included, making this bag wearable as a hip/thigh holster, a docker's clutch, a backpack, a purse, or criss-crossed at the shoulders.

A magnetic tabi inside the over-flap keeps your belonging's secure while also providing quick, no-fuss access. Nevertheless, you can zip all of the pockets shut to keep your things more secure still, if you prefer.

Made of genuine lamb and cow leather with Ayya custom beading and clasps.