About us

A Brief History of Ceiba SF and Ceiba Records

In the summer of 1996, Ceiba Records was founded in San Francisco. This pantheon of psytrance, psybreak and ambient-downtempo sights and sounds was an answer to San Francisco's expanding festival scene and the international party circuit. The concept of our label was to purvey a consummate polysensory experience through music, art and fashion, sourced from local and international artists, and inspired by a visionary global movement, emerging from Burning Man, Symbiosis, Lightning in a Bottle, Goa, and many more microcosms of culture.

In 2005, Ceiba relocated from the underground Lower Haight to San Francisco's prismal and pulsating Upper Haight, resulting in wider exposure to international clientele.

In the following decade, the concept evolved as new independent artists and designers joined our community. With labels including Skingraft, AD Now, Jan Hilmer, Gelareh Designs, Make Life a Ritual, Mother of London, Majesty Black, House of Malakai, and Demobaza, Ceiba transformed from an exiguous, independent art hub to a prestigious couture boutique of global renown. We transcended into a total sensual experience, and became Ceiba SF.

Now curating the work of over 100 designers, Ceiba SF is available online to accommodate the desires of local and international customers, and to provide the opportunity to stay in touch with our ever-evolving collections.

Our huge thanks goes out to all of the Designers, Artists and Musicians involved; it's their creative genius, talent and vision that made this all possible!

Peter Ziegelmeier- C.E.O / Entrepreneur / Producer / Musician / Dj


1983 - 1988 The Real Camouflage ( Rec Rec Switzerland )

1989 - present Kode IV ( KK Records / CeibaRecords )

Between 1989 and now, Kode IV released several full-length albums and 12" vinyls, and was featured on over 50 industrial and psytrance compilations.

For all Kode IV releases check out http://www.discogs.com