BONE BRAIDED Leather Bracelet

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Explore Jungle Tribe's workshop, filled with a diverse array of bones and skulls. Each piece holds a mystery, like the enigmatic snake bone braid bracelet.
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Jungle Tribe's workshop is home to a constantly growing collection of bones and skulls, scattered across his table in an intriguing display. Sometimes, identifying the species and location of a bone proves to be a challenge, adding an element of mystery to his creations. Take, for instance, the bone braid bracelet, crafted from a snake bone whose exact origin remains unknown but adds to the allure of the piece.

In the past, Jungle Tribe fashioned jewelry directly from original bones, gradually depleting his collection. However, a discovery changed the game – sacrificial bones could be used to create rubber molds, enabling the reproduction of bones in metal like brass or silver. This revelation led to a new era of creativity. Upon receiving the casted bones, Jungle Tribe saw the potential for a bracelet. Despite encountering sharp edges initially, adjustments were made, and a new mold was created for a more comfortable fit. Through experimentation with leather braiding, the Bone Braided Bracelet emerged as a unique and captivating accessory, showcasing Jungle Tribe's innovative approach to design.

Its adjustable with a sliding bone bead, made to fit a variety of wrists.

Measures 6.5 inches at it's tightest